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  • relieving the side effects of medical drugs

  • supporting the immune system in recovery from illness

  • relief of asthma, eczema, migrains

  • accelerating the body's self-healing abilities

  • pain management & relief from discomfort, distress and dis-ease

  • comfort & support as part of personal health care plan

  • for terminal dis-ease and end of life care &  transition.

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Energy is everywhere

Everything is energy, a composition of matter and non-matter, the visible and the invisible, from the micro and macro to mega unknown vastness in all forms of life.

energies that nourish  and nurture more balance, ease, clarity and peace in life.

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If one's life force energy is low, then we are likely to function less well, feel stress or experience dis-ease.  If it is balanced, we are more capable of being happy, successful and healthy.  Energy work promotes a more effective life and better BEing through realignment, spiritual growth and emotional clearing.


Energy Healing

increases vitality,

balances the chakras,

raises the vibrational frequency of life &

aids spiritual growth


Reiki and Energy Healing works  for the benefit of the individual, supporting and not replacing existing medical treatment.    It promotes heaing and is complementary to other therapies and it is advisable that you share your heath plan choices between supportive parties.  Reiki and Energy Healing is a form of Complementary Therapy and does not replace 'traditional' western medical health treatment and/or professional advice.  

Life Coaching and Healing may provide supportive guidance in the form of ideas and perspective for a client's personal reflection.  Appropriate professional advice must always be sought before making life changing decisions including financial, career or matters of the heart.  

For further information  about the specific Reiki healing modalities mentioned, scroll down to the details below.

  • greater focus and clarity of thought & perspective 

  • feeling a greater sense of purpose & place in the world

  • increased proactivity & positivity at work & home

  • more effective, inspired & productive living

  • increase in energy levels, optimism & activeness

  • improved sleep, cleansing & detoxing

  • reduced stress & deep relaxation,

Yvonne has a natural connection with the energetics of life.  As a Healer and Energy Practitioner, she draws upon both the USUI and ANGELIC REIKI energy disciplines, blended with her personal connections to forms of Spirit and Shamanic intelligence.  Working intuitively, as guided, she always works for the higher good of every individual, on a Soul level, to impart the perfect healing for every person, place and their purpose.  Each experience is very personal and unique and time is made available for recipient reflection, feedback and questions.

Energy Healing Benefits


The natural, life force energy of the Universe is  'channelled', flowing naturally to where it is needed.  It boosts the inner healing system,  promoting realignment, boosting and balancing across personal energetic levels of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional Being.  The benefits of receiving Energy Work are varied and individual and have included the  examples below.

A Healing Story...


Today I had my first experience of an Angelic Reiki Treatment ...  


After Yvonne reviewed her treatment with me and we talked through some of her findings, I was amazed how she had found the problems I'd been having with my right hip which I'd dislocated 2 years ago and still have stiffness with, plus a couple of other ailments.


I can definitely recommend Yvonne...  I felt thoroughly guided through the process, enjoyed the session and.... could relate to everything she found."


Bridget Bernadette Karn, Artist

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibitor 2016

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Energy Alignment

Reported experiences

Functional Reiki

How does it work?  

Functional Reiki is a form of healing modality based on the idea that when your natural personal  energy system receives a boost of life force energy encourages better functioning on a physical, mental, spiritual or emotional energetic level, thereby promoting balance and healing.


As a Master Usui Energy Practitioner, Yvonne connects with and directs the natural, life force energies of Reiki, directing them to the recipient to nourish  and nurture the mind, body, spirit and Soul.