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Angelic Reiki is a 'modern' profound system for Healing, Personal Transformation and Consciousness expansion.



Practitioner Level - for home and/or Practitioner healing practice.


Master,Teacher level

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Services:  All treatments, training, coaching and a.n.other service(s) are unique experiences with the individual, no experiences or outcomes are or can be guaranteed.   A series of appointments may be suggested to support personal health care or spiritual care   All services Terms & Conditions, naturally, including  24 hr policy for changes, other t&cs apply.

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by arrangement, please ask.

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Top Floor

54 Blossom Street

YO24 1AP


By Appointment Only:

2nd Floor - stairs access.

(please get in touch if this is a concern for  options)

Parking: local meters from 1hr+ on The Crescent and Nunnery Lane


Close to York Railway Station / Tadcaster Road.

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What is REIKI ?

Usui & Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki

'The healing of our time'

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Actual results may vary. Your Spirit Matters does not provide medical advice or prescribe the use of any tools or techniques as a replacement form to treatment for physical, mental, emotional or medical challenges by your doctor either directly or indirectly. Your Spirit Matter's intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help the receipient in their quest for spiritual growth, emotional and physical well-being.


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Practice Levels:

Check your Practitioner is certified to Second Degree, Okuden level or further.  Yvonne is fully Certified to Master, Teacher level.


Shoden: Reiki I  Entry level.

For Self Care and home healing practice


Okuden: Reiki II - Practitioner level.

Advancement of self-care and to serve in public practice and in distance healing.  


Shinpiden:  Reiki III  - Advanced level

Master Practitioner

Advanced tools and knowledge for public service, personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Master Teacher

Knowledge and skills to teach and certify others to all Reiki levels.

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Peace | Purpose | Perspective

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Dr Mikao Usui

Mrs Hawayo Takata

Usui Reiki


The original Reiki healing system originated in Japan through the spiritual practice of Dr Mikao Usui.  Usui Reiki Riyoho is the Reiki practise derived from the practise of Dr Usui, passed on through the initiation path of Chujiro Hayashi and brought to the West by Master Teachers.  We offer Usui Reiki as initiated from the direct Usui lineage of Mrs Hawayo Takata.  


Reiki is a spiritual practise and system of energy healing that involves gentle hands on or over the body system of energy healing.

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Peace | Purpose | Possibilities

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Virtual Energies 


  • Healing

  • Spiritual Mentoring


Your Peace is Paramount

if you have:


  • a comfortable, peaceful space to simply 'Be' in

  • an open heart to receive over distance