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Reiki Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

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Realise a greater sense of self, purpose, freedom and lifestyle change:

  • Understand your Spiritual make up and how REIKI and your personal energy supports an enhances life experience

  • Discover Functional Spirituality, learn how to change, from the inside, out and a create a life with more REIKI energy, ease and grace.

  • Become more metaphysically aware and gain a greater sense of self, soul, purpose and perspective

  • Be your own Leader, using empowering ways to shift, change and redesign life towards the next greatest version of yourself.

  • Know the value of showing up for change and building the creative and intuitive relationship with yourself and others.

Growth : REIKI Personal Energy Plans [P.E.P.s]

Commitment to a tailored programme for personal development and spiritual discovery.

Duration*:  standard - 6 regular sessions over 3 months - in person and on-line.

Pre-requisites: open-hearts & minds with participation in conversations, healing and energy exercises, homework, research and regular journaling.  Sessions may also include seated REIKI Energy Boosts, as inspired or requested.


* Duration, plan period and content are personalised. Information provided above for guidance.

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Areas covered are personalised and may include aspects of the following:  REIKI as a tool for personal transformation; the metaphysical nature of life; the Divine Realms, Ascended Masters and Spiritual Beings; connecting with Spirit Guides; Intuition, signs and symbol or other personalised themes that may unfold.

Introduction :  P.E.P* Talk

Introductory or occasional conversations to utilise REIKI whilst getting the work, me, life balance right.

Occasional or regular conversations in person and online.

Exploring how and where you are investing your emotional, spiritual and physical energies, with personalised tools & tips towards experiencing more choice and change to feel more and function better.

[*part of the REIKI Personal Energy Plans]