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Energy Sessions

Energy treatments are offered using the natural healing modalities of Reiki, promoting relaxation and balance for better body, mind, spiritual functioning.  

YSM Boost Life Voucher £5 may june 2017

Energy Treatments


Energy Awareness x 40 mins @£30

includes seated Reiki Boost


Energy-Usui  x 55 min @ £40

Traditional Usui Reiki method for relaxation  


Energy-Angels x 70 mins @ £45

Angelic Reiki, divine method with feedback space, time


Energy-Insight x 85 mins @ £55

In-depth Energy Treatment with feedback time + space for Spiritual Insights & Reflection


Energy-More x 12 mins @ £10

Extended time to full Appointments for more conversation.

(Pre-booking recommended to ensure time available)


Energy-Boost x25 mins' @ £25

For existing clients needing an energy boost or conversation time to review questions, experiences, goals or challenges.


Better Health Plan - 6 sessions

Tailored for your unique Life | Personal Energy Plan | Spiritual Health Plan | Lifestyle Health Plan  |  optional Energy treatments may be included as planned  |   £personalised

Energy & Healer Training | Attunement Workshops & Certification

Level: Personal  Development &/or Practitioner Level


Usui Reiki Certification | all Levels | £p.o.a

  • Personal Practitioner & Teacher levels

  • Individual Attunement 1 day | Group Attunement 2 days


Angelic Reiki Certification | all Levels | £p.o.a

  • Level I & II, Practitioner  | 2.5 days 

  • Level III & IV Master |personalised route

  • Teacher | personalised route

  • Reiki @ your home Individual, full treatment - for those unable to travel or leave home.  Please ask for a personal price - email your postcode and treatment choice e.


  • Reiki Health & Social Evenings  Let REIKI come to You - work or home

An informal way to learn more about receiving REIKI - hold your own social evening.  Evening includes an introductory talk to the group, followed by individual taster sessions, held at your venue - email your venue/postcode for a personalised price.  

From £15 pperson @ Your Venue

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The Gift of Peace & Time

Gift a REIKI Treatment for that all important time to pause and reflect, to energise and boost life forwards.  e-Vouchers available or set to your own value.


Available printed with short message, by post +£2.50 (UK 1st class Royal Mail t&cs)


Intutive Health Coaching

** Information imminent **meanwhile, please ask


Intuitive Health Review | 1to1 occasional Session

Getting the work, me, life balance right.  Exploring how and where you are investing your personal energy, with personalised tips towards experiencing change.


Intuitive Health Plan | 1to1 series for Real change

Getting to know You & the value of showing up for change  

Building the Intuitive relationship | What's real for You | Ways to help energise, shift and shape your life, purpose, dreams and goals forward.


All sessions may include a short, seated Energy Boost as/if Guided

Prices & Offers

Healing experiences and outcomes are unique to each individual.

A series of treatments or regular boosts may be suggested to support individual health programs and choices.

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* * JUNE OFFER * *  quote BYL when booking

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10% saving

quote Health Staff when booking &

show your personal card at your Appointment. Excludes promotions, other may t&cs apply, please ask before booking.