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Energy   |  Inspiration   |  Change Management

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Energy Sessions

Energy treatments are offered using the natural healing modalities of Reiki, promoting relaxation and balance for better body, mind, spiritual functioning.  

USUI Reiki Treatments


Energy-Interest x 35 mins @ £25

New Clients only - wondering what Reiki is about - have an Introductory consulltation and experience with an Usui Reiki Boost  


Energy-Interim x 25 mins @ £20

Registered Clients only:  Interim seated Reiki Boost or conversation.


Energy-Usui  x 55 min @ £45

Traditional Usui Reiki method for relaxation, balance and health promotion

Energy & Healer Training | Attunement Workshops & Certification

Level: Personal  Development &/or Practitioner Level

Reiki Social  

Let REIKI come to You and Yours

Learn more about the benefits of receiving REIKI at your venue.  


Day or evening Socials

include an introductory group talk  followed by individual taster sessions.

email your venue/postcode for a personalised price.


From £15 pperson @ Your Venue

t&cs apply

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Gift a REIKI Treatment for that all important time to pause and reflect, to energise and boost life forwards.  e-Vouchers available or set to your own value.


Available printed with short message, by post +£2.50 (UK 1st class Royal Mail t&cs)


Intutive Lifestyle Coaching


Intuitive Health Review  |  1to1 One-off or occasional Session

Getting the work, me, life balance right.  Exploring how and where you are investing your personal energy, with personalised tips towards experiencing change.  £55 x 60 mins | £75 x 90 mins


Healthy Lifestyle Plans  |  1to1 series for Real change

Getting to know You and realising the value of showing up for change  

Building the Intuitive relationship | What's real for You | Ways to help energise, shift and shape your life, purpose, dreams and goals forward.

Tailored for your unique Life, from £299 x 6 sessions.


Sessions may include a short, seated Reiki Energy Boost if and as Guided. 

Prices & Offers

Energy Healing experiences and outcomes are unique to each individual.

A series of treatments or regular boosts are recommendedto support individual health programs and life choices.

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Personal Energy   |    Change Management  |  Spiritual Health   |  Intuitive information  |  Energetic Alignments

USUI REIKI Certification | all Levels | £p.o.a

  • Personal Practitioner & Teacher levels

  • Individual Attunement 1 day | Group Attunement 2 days

ANGELIC REIKI Certification | all Levels | £p.o.a

  • Level I & II, Practitioner  | 2.5 days 

  • Level III & IV Master |personalised route

  • Teacher | personalised route

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ANGELIC Reiki Treatments


Energy-Angels x 75 mins @ £55

A more in-depth experience with Angelic Reiki - a Divinely inspired, energy healing modality that includes review time, pre and post treatment.  


Energy-Angel Insights x 90 mins @ £65

Angelic Reiki Treatment followed by space and time to reflect in greater depth on your experience and receive further Spiritual Insights that may be sensed intuitively.


Reiki @ your home

Individual, full treatment

whether for a luxury treat or those unable to visit the Studio

Please ask for a personal price - adding your postcode,

treatment choice and

if any personal circumstances apply.

Energy-More + 15 mins @ £10

Extend your appointment for more conversation.

(Pre-booking recommended to ensure time available)


Energy-Boost x25 mins' @ £20

Registered clients only needing an energy boost without personal  reflection time and basic feedback only.