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Reiki Lifestyle Coaching

REIKI Lifestyle

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Realise a greater sense of self, purpose, freedom and lifestyle change:

  • Understand your Spiritual make up and how REIKI and your personal energy supports an enhances life experience

  • Discover Functional Spirituality, learn how to change, from the inside, out and a create a life with more REIKI energy, ease and grace.

  • Become more metaphysically aware and gain a greater sense of self, purpose and perspective

  • Be your own Leader, using empowering ways to shift, change and redesign life towards the next greatest version of yourself.

  • Know the value of showing up for change and building the creative and intuitive relationship with yourself and others.

Evolve : REIKI Personal Energy Plans [P.E.P.s]

Commitment to a tailored programme for personal development and spiritual discovery.

Duration*:  standard - 6 regular sessions x 90mins | in person, on-line

Pre-requisites: open-hearts & minds with participation in conversations, healing and energy exercises, homework, research and regular journaling.  Sessions may also include seated REIKI Energy Boosts, as inspired or requested.


* Duration, plan period and content are personalised. Information provided above for guidance.

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Areas covered are personalised and may include aspects of the following:  REIKI as a tool for personal transformation; the metaphysical nature of life; the Divine Realms, Ascended Masters and Spiritual Beings; connecting with Spirit Guides; Intuition, signs and symbol or other personalised themes that may unfold.

Advance : REIKI P.E.P* Talks

Introductory or occasional conversations to utilise REIKI whilst getting the work, me, life balance right.

Duration: from Tasters to 90 min full sessions | conversations in person, online

Exploring how and where you are investing your emotional, spiritual and physical energies, with personalised tools & tips towards experiencing more choice and change to feel and function better may include a seated REIKI boost.

[*part of the REIKI Personal Energy Plans]