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.... I have also been keeping note of how I have felt over the past week, my shoulders have definitely  been less painful and I feel I am standing much taller.  I am feeling much less frazzled and more methodical in my tasks at work and able to express my thoughts with a bit more clarity.  I would be interest in ongoing treatments, it was an amazing experience.


AW, Exec. Project Manager, York

A big Thank You to Yvonne for supporting me on my spiritual journey!  I always thought I needed to separate my innermost thoughts and my business world, but I was so wrong.


By working with Yvonne I have been able to tap into my intuition both in my personal AND business life.  


Decisions surrounding my business have become so much easier as I have dropped away the barrier that was preventing all of me to be present in my biz.  This year holds some great opportunities and I am better prepared to meet them head on with a lighter spirit.


Working with Yvonne has been a calming pleasure!

Julie Feuerborn

Julie, the Personal Money Coach.

I am now on session 4 of my Spiritual Health Plan I am feeling protected, more grounded, more productive and focussed than I have for a long while.....


Peace and Gratitude to Yvonne and the work she does, I have had many healers along the way and hand on heart she is among the best - she is the real deal. X

Sarah, PR Consultant, N.Yorks

I just want to say thank you so much for all you did... it somehow lifted a tremendous amount of grief and worry... more than years of counselling could ever do. I feel much braver...I'll be forever grateful.    

Name reserved, North Yorks

You gave me Psychic Surgery a week ago and I wanted to let you know that you've sorted my tummy out,  the pain has gone, my energy levels are balanced and I'm feeling really, really good, in fact FAB... thank you xx

Elizabeth Keedy, Leeds

Thank you so much for last night and making us all feel very at ease.   We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, with lots of interesting things to talk about.

Healthcare Students, York

I just wanted to say Thank you.  Last night was truly spiritual and uplifting.A great evening with great pointers for self development. Thanks again Yvonne I'll be back again soon

E.L. Cochrane, West Yorks

Girl on the beach drawing a heart in the sand

A lovely inspirational evening

Private  Healthcare Students

Last night was fantastic"

Tracey, E.Yorks

My journey with Yvonne has been both nurturing and adventurous.  Her amazing intuitive nature and her calm, relaxing and playful humour have allowed me to explore hidden aspects of my life, let go of past hurts and prepare for future challenging times which I face.


Yvonne's grace and charm have supported me to move forward with my career and to understand those things which are difficult. I thoroughly recommend Yvonne's coaching - she is truly gifted.  Thank you Yvonne

Emma, Author &  Coach


Elaine, Business Owner,

North Yorks

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Artist, Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016

Bridget Bernadette Karn