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"A lovely lady who is

completely genuine.....

very conscientious and

well connected to spirit..."

Jacqui, Scotland 

"...this was an

amazing experience..

You are truly gifted,  

Thank you"

Sharyn Coleman, E. Yorks

As a Natural Intuitive and Visionary Artist, Yvonne connects with the Universal Consciousness to create a uniquely inspired piece of Visionary Art to contemplate and treasure.  


Bring an open heart and mind to hear what guidance the Universe brings you 'today'.    

Soul Doodles are original and unique pieces of artwork, created and channelled through Yvonne.  They provide a visual, artistic interpretation of the unseen, energetic Beings, who lovingly share their insight and guidance.  

Soul Doodles bring a  deeper connection with the Self and the wider Universe.

Artworks are created on media as inspired, typically in mono or full-colour, on A4 (210x297mm) stock paper and   using ink, charcoal, pastels or  watercolour.  


For an original Soul Doodle artwork connection, book a face2face or online Appointment.  Artwork is provided in original or, if preferred, digital format.  


How to book:   reserve your session with Yvonne, then confirming your booking choice here.

Guidance | Soul Doodles

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Soul Doodles artwork examples include Loved Ones here or 'passed', Spirit Guides, Power Animals or other Beings wishing to bring guidance and Wisdom.

As artworks are being created, additional information communicated is both written and spoken for you to reflect on as life, and understanding, unfolds.