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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions, naturally apply to all services


 These terms & conditions have been created for clarity, fairness and as required by law to maximise clarity and understanding before, during and after our service to, and relationship with you, for Your Spirit Matters.  


For questions or to check the  current t&cs for your booking, please e.


Please read the General heading in conjunction with each specific area along with any individual  information given at time of booking which may supercede the following:


Offers & Vouchers

Offers and vouchers are for single service use and may not be used in conjunction with any other benefit/discount/offer/voucher.

Decision of such application will be made by the service provider, Your Spirit Matters.

Refer to specific offer/vouchers and other booking information issued at individual enquiry or purchase.



For individual Treatments, see Booking information

Series of treatments is recommended for clients to experience the benefits of Reiki over time.  

  • Reserve your preferred dates in advance or book as required.

  • Prepayment secures your Booking and is required in full at least 48 hours before your firest Appointment.

  • Appointment options: weekly, fortnightly or monthly to experience the cumulative  effects of Reiki 'for you'

  • Unless advised otherwise, a series of sessions are valid for a maximum period equating to no. sessions x 1 month eg 4 sessions to be taken witin 4 months, 6 sessions to be tken within 6 months.  Unused sessions are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be carried forward.



  • Minimum numbers may be required, alternative venue and/or times may be advised.

  • Places are reserved with  no-refunable, non-transerable deposit and  secured only upon receipt of final full payment in advance of events as per the payment advice provided for each unique event.

  • Priority of place is given to fully paid Bookings.

  • In the event of  cancellation by the Organisers, alternative dates may be offered, or a full refund given to those having paid in full only.

If the Organisers make changes t or cancel an event , Neither the Organisers nor venue(s) will be liable for any consequential losses, including but not limited to financial, travel and accommodation.  

  • Payment(s) accepted for booking dates shown and are not transferable.  Individual cancellations must be made in writing to the Organiser, not the venue.

  • See individual Course. Terms for refund procedure and/or eligibility.

  • Neither refunds nor date changes made for non-attendance  or cancellation outside of individual Course Terms.

  • Bookings may be subject to change at short notice eg minimum numbers required for Workshops.

  • Certification - reprinting and reissuing of Certificates incurs a print, postage & administration fee.  

Reiki, Coaching, Insights and/or Guidance

  • Information offered is for personal reflection only.  

  • With Free Will, all things can and do change, guarantees or predictions are not and cannot be made.

  • Professional advice should always be sought before making life changing decisions and  actions including, but not limited to career, financial, health or relationship matters.  

  • If emotionally challenged or receiving other forms of support, including but not limited to professional medical assistance, please notify the service providers and reconsider booking this form of guidance and support which is not medically nor Counselling Certified and such advice, guidance or support is not and cannot be given.

  • Cancellations/Changes/No Show:  refer to General section with notice terms

  • Legal compliance:  Intuitive guidance disclaimer 'for entertainment only'.


  • All advance payment options are to be made online via: Bank Transfer. or PayPal.  Strictly no cheques.  Advance Cash payments in person only and by prior arrangement, a receipt will be immediately provided and must be retained as proof of purchase   No 'Letter box' payments by post as proof of delivery or purchase cannot be provided.

  • Changes can be made as advised with booking

  • Changes to bookings  may incur a fee(s) according to the service(s) / terms stated.

  • 'No shows' on the day are liable for full payment and no refunds will be due.  Rescheduling of such appointments where approved, can be made twice within one month, as available and agreed, and must fall within any applicable validity period and terms of any offer or may be deemed 'taken' or void.

  • Payment is due in full for a booked service(s) should this be cancelled once started or mid-service(s) and no refund or adjustments will be due.

  • Deposits and advance payments are non-transferable and non-refundable, unless as stated by individual service(s) and for time period's given.

  • Parking, access and insurance purposes - at any site or venue(s) is as available and at the risk of the individual for insurance purposes.

  • Cancellations or rescheduling of Appointments or events organised by Your Spirit Matters or Associates, if found necessary, eg due to low student numbers or sickness of key staff will not incur liability for financial, travel, accommodation or any other form of compensation.  Advance notification will be made as soon as and whenever possible.  For workshop events, clients may wish to take up private insurance for such risk and eventualities.

  • All decisions are strictly made by Your Spirit Matters' Founder or authorised staff & assigned Representatives only.

  • Changes to t&cs may be made at short, or without, notice

  • Other reasonable t&cs may apply, E&OE.

e&oe  |  last updated 6 April 2016