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Practitioner Level


Weekend Workshop Retreat

2.5 days  | York

Weekends: Friday evening through Sunday

Mid-week: by private group arrangement


Next date:  Summer 2019 to be announced - please do

Venue: tbc  eg Selby, York, local

For other national venues or personalised mid-week dates, please askus


The Healing of our Time. 

Angelic Reiki is a profound system for Healing, Personal Transformation and Consciousness expansion.

Join like-minded individuals in this  empowering, specialised 2.5 days' with the Angelic Realms.  


Experience an empowering weekend with open-hearted Souls, receiving Attunement to the Angelic Kingdom of Light, spiritual guidance and the time, space to practise the healing art of Angelic Reiki.


Included in this guided weekend 

  • Personal Master Crystal,

  • Guided meditations,

  • Angelic Reiki Attunements

  • Practise - for Self-Healing and with others

  • Practitioner Level Certification

  • Comprehensive Practitioner Manual.  


Certification is recognised by the Angelic Reiki Association, the British Complementary Medicine Association and many other organisations incuding professional insurance bodies  for Practitioners. 


Move closer to the Angelic Realms and receive new tools and guidance for personal or professional expansion in the Healing Arts.


Get in touch for further details and how to register:  askus.




Master,Teacher | personalised, please ask.

.... I have also been keeping note of how I have felt over the past week, my shoulders have definitely  been less painful and I feel I am standing much taller.  I am feeling much less frazzled and more methodical in my tasks at work and able to express my thoughts with a bit more clarity.  I would be interest in ongoing treatments, it was an amazing experience.


AW, Exec. Project Manager, York

A big Thank You to Yvonne for supporting me on my spiritual journey!  I always thought I needed to separate my innermost thoughts and my business world, but I was so wrong.


By working with Yvonne I have been able to tap into my intuition both in my personal AND business life.  


Decisions surrounding my business have become so much easier as I have dropped away the barrier that was preventing all of me to be present in my biz.  This year holds some great opportunities and I am better prepared to meet them head on with a lighter spirit.


Working with Yvonne has been a calming pleasure!

Julie Feuerborn

Julie, the Personal Money Coach.

I am now on session 4 of my Spiritual Health Plan I am feeling protected, more grounded, more productive and focussed than I have for a long while.....


Peace and Gratitude to Yvonne and the work she does, I have had many healers along the way and hand on heart she is among the best - she is the real deal. X

Sarah, PR Consultant, N.Yorks

My journey with Yvonne has been both nurturing and adventurous.  Her amazing intuitive nature and her calm, relaxing and playful humour have allowed me to explore hidden aspects of my life, let go of past hurts and prepare for future challenging times which I face.


Yvonne's grace and charm have supported me to move forward with my career and to understand those things which are difficult. I thoroughly recommend Yvonne's coaching - she is truly gifted.  Thank you Yvonne

Emma, Author &  Coach

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 12.52.09

Artist, Royal Academy

Summer Exhibition 2016

Bridget Bernadette Karn

Girl on the beach drawing a heart in the sand

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Services:  All treatments, training, coaching and a.n.other service(s) are unique to the individual and no experience or outcomes can be o are guaranteed.

A series of appointments are recommended to support individual health programs


All services Terms & Conditions, naturally, including  24 hr policy for changes see e-info provided with your booking confirmation or ask for full t&cs.

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Your Venue Appointments

by arrangement, please ask.


Online  |  Messenger

m.    07342*654*312


o.     Skype | Facetime


Selby @ Good Health Clinic

1st Floor @ YO8 4DT

27a Finkle Street, Selby, North Yorkshire


By Appointment Only:


Road  25-45 mins' drive from York/Leeds/Beverley/Hull

Train:  direct York to Selby

Bus:  415 regular direct bus - departs York, Piccadilly via Fulford/Escrick/Riccall/Selby

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Reiki Attunement & Certification

Angelic Reiki 

'The healing of our time'. Details shortly...

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Location & Online

Energy Treatments

  • Usui Reiki - traditional Reiki from the lineage of it's originator, Dr Usui.

  • Usui Taster session available.

  • Angelic Reiki - 'modern' Reiki with the Divine Realms.

  • Touch for Health, Kinesiology - (level 3, Student) 


Spiritual Mentoring & Intuitive Coaching £poa

  • Spiritual Mentor  -  Perspectives and inspiration for your unique Spiritual journey and personal energy management  

  • Intuitive Coco Creative Coaching - Intuitive and dynamic co-creation sessions to amplify energies for your personal evolution or business growth

Learning £poa

  • Reiki - Attunement & Certification - Usui & Angelic Reiki - all levels for Self Care, Practitioners, Master and Teachers.

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Events | Workshops 2019

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Peace | Possibilities

Actual results may vary. Your Spirit Matters does not provide medical advice or prescribe the use of any tools or techniques as a replacement form to treatment for physical, mental, emotional or medical challenges by your doctor either directly or indirectly. Your Spirit Matter's intention is to offer a variety of information and tools to help the receipient in their quest for spiritual growth, emotional and physical well-being.


© 2019 Your Spirit Matters, All Rights Reserved


No portion of this site can be reprinted or used in any media form without express permission in advance, in writing..

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Peace | Possibilities

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Usui Reiki 

The original Reiki healing system originated in Japan with Dr Mikao Usui, brought to the West by  Master, Teachers under Mrs Hawayo Takata of direct Usui Lineage.


Initiation & Certification:

Shoden, Reiki I - Entry level. For Self-Reiki and healing for others. Open to all. No previous healing experience necessary.


Okuden, Reiki II - Practitioner level. Sharing of Tibetan symbols to further self-care, public practice and distance healing.  Note this is a healing modality sharing and not a workshop on how to be a professional practitioner which requires many other skills and experience.


Shiniden, Reiki Master Practitioner  - Advanced level, additional healing energy and Tibetan symbols, Master Symbol, healing techniques and knowledge. For personal growth, spiritual evolution and public service.

Reiki Master Teacher - To attune and share Reiki at all levels

Dr Usui Thumb_Usui[1] HT701T_small[1]


Awareness & Development

Now Closed


Communicating Reiki to Everyone and Anyone!

Guest Speaker: Pamela Miles from New York

Pioneer, Medical Reiki Teacher, Author, Yale & Harvard Speaker

More Info | Register

Selby  | York | Mobile

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