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Feeling Greater | Living Brightly

Yvonne Lynn

York Studio UK


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How to book

Contact Yvonne to reserve your Appointment.  Your agreed date and directions will then be confirmed along with payment options.

Reiki for People 


What to expect

On arrival you will receive an open-hearted welcome from Yvonne in her dedicated healing room.  New clients hear about her approach to, and the nature of Energy Work as she carries out an initial consultation and client registration.

Notes will be made on your health background, areas to focus on and how the session  will progress.  There will also be the opportunity  to answer any questions you may have.

Treatments are carried out either seated or laid on a Therapy couch, covered by a light blanket or towels.  Remaining fully clothed throughout, relaxation music is played in the background.  Yvonne will then commence REIKI, channelling Life force Energy from the Universe by gently placing her hands over, on or around, the Client's body.  REIKI is intelligent Energy and will clear and balance each individual's energetic pathways, removing old or blocked energetic patterns and boosting the internal power centres and auric field.  


Reiki is Universal Energy and not Yvonne's own energy.  You simply relax into the space and enjoy this time of peace, to receive the perfect healing for you 'today'.

During an Energy Treatmen, Yvonne may also sense energetic information intuitively which is offered on completion of the REIKI balancing for Guidance.


Review There is opportunity to discuss your experience and gain feedback from Yvonne as Healing Energy Practitioner, before completing the session.  Whilst discussion may continue to the end of the Appointment, some Clients wish to explore the experience in much greater depth, or take the opportunity to raise further questions on the spiritual nature of their own life or the wider Universe in much greater depth in an extended session for Spiritual Insights (below.)

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Yvonne tailors all treatments to the individual's needs, specialising in ANGELIC REIKI and USUI REIKI.  She also works Intuitively and as inspired by her Healing Guides, to transfer the 'perfect' life force energy for each client needs 'today'.  


There is then opportunity to discuss and gain feedback on your experience before completing the session.  


A Healing Experience

"Today I had my first experience of an

Angelic Reiki Treatment


After Yvonne reviewed her treatment with me and we talked through some of her findings, I was amazed how she had found the problems I'd been having with my right hip which I'd dislocated 2 years ago and still have stiffness with, plus a couple of other ailments.  I can definitely recommend Yvonne...  I felt thoroughly guided through the process, enjoyed the session and.... could relate to everything she found." 

Bridget Bernadette Karn

Royal Academy of Arts Exhibitor 2016

Reiki for People  & Places

Reiki for Places

The natural energy balance contained within your home or workplace may feel stuck, out of balance, depleted or even over-energised.  The sources of imbalances experienced range from the strength of electromagnetic waves emitted by technological devices, planetary or geopathic stresses from previous uses of a building, the layout or 'feng shui' of a room, the personal energies emitted by individuals using the room, or other metaphysical occurrences.  


In a site visit, your home or workplace environment is investigated and Reiki is one of the energy tools used to identify areas of imbalance for realignment to be administered.  Energy work for Places can rebalance your home or workplace to promote better relationships, bring more clarity and ease to the flow of creativity, success and happyness


Site visits are made on an individual basis - for more details, please contact us with your location and a brief overview of any specific requirements or concerns.  At this stage please do not provide details such as site history, thank you  askus.  

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'Reiki' Benefits

REIKI boosts the body's own energetic 'healing' system, promoting a greater sense of peace and balance.  The  benefits of receiving REIKI, Energy Treatments are individual and wide ranging, with reported experiences ranging from feeling a greater sense of calm, upliftment and energy, to  mental, physical, spiritual and emotional change.  More Reiki Benefits here.

REIKI can and does transform lives, for People, Pets and Places.  

Reserve your time, space and energy for REIKI healing  with Yvonne now

A series of 4 or more treatments is suggested for those seeking support for specific imbalance, challenges or dis-ease.

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Spiritual Insights

For those wishing to gain greater Spiritual Insights on their experience, an extended Appointment is offered This provides the opportunity to expand discussion on Angelic Reiki findings and/or explore other questions on spiritual matters.  Areas covered may include Spiritual Guidance or suggested  tools and techniques to better manage specific or day-to-day goals, situations and challenges.


Pre-Booking is recommended as time cannot be guaranteed on the day.   Secure your time for Spiritual Insights here.

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